Assam Pineapple

Visual identity and print design for the Assam's delicious pineapples grown in the famous north-eastern state of India which is well known for its hand-crafted products.

Identity Design

Assam Pineapple cover image
Assam Pineapple logo concept

The identity draws inspiration from Assam's rich hand-made culture, reflecting the deep care and affection invested in every creation within this region. Symbolizing this devotion, the fruit's crown is thoughtfully designed as a subtle representation of the tender love and careful nurturing required for its natural growth and delicious flavour.

This is complemented by the typography and vibrant color scheme which perfectly encapsulate the fruity essence and freshness in every detail.

Assam Pineapple logo shape construction
Assam Pineapple symbol in motion
Assam Pineapple tag design
Assam Pineapple post graphic
Assam Pineapple sticker and tag

Project Details

Design: Rishabh Pandey

Project Year: 2021