Identity and stationery design for an investment portal for users belonging to age group of 25–35 who are new to investing.

Identity Design, Branding

Harmony cover image
Hike icon set solid design
Identity concept

The brand identity evokes a feeling of trust and growth while also being playful and casual to suit the target demographic. The fusion of Vivid Green and Light Blue colors results in Dark Green which indicates transparency within the brand and formation of deep trust in customers.

The SprintBeans wordmark is a custom design based on the contemporary sans-serif typeface Poppins. The monolinear and geometric characteristics of Poppins make the brand stand out in both digital and print media.

Colour palette display
Colour palette display
Colour scheme
Typography display
Business cards
Logo display on Instagram profile
App icon

Project Details

Design & Art Direction: Rishabh Pandey, Swati Pandey

Client: Divyanshu Thakur

Project Year: 2019