Technology Innovation Hub, IIT Guwahati

Visual identity design for Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) at IIT Guwahati setup under National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

Identity Design

The logo indicates the vision of TIH, which is the creation of technology for underwater applications.

TIH IITG logo construction

The symbol is a combination of three forms—a wave, a diamond, and an eye. The wave flowing in a circular direction forms a hub that is constantly moving to bring change. The form of an eye contains a diamond emerging at its centre, which denotes tangible innovation being achieved by constant experimentation with clarity and focus. When looking at the entire shape, the outer ring represents a gear plate and a portal providing a peak inside the waterbodies. The gear plate symbolises technical progress, and having a clear sight of a shining artefact lying in the depths of waterbodies inspires focused work towards discovery and innovation.

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Project Details

Design: Rishabh Pandey

Client: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati arrow_outward

Project Year: 2023