ThoughtWorks Away Day

Identity and visual language for the largest yet India Away Day hosted by ThoughtWorks.

Identity Design, Branding

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India Away Day 2019 was the larget yet Away Day event hosted by ThroughtWorks which housed an audience of 1700+ participants flown over to Kerala, India from various parts of India and world for an exciting 2 days.

Event highlights video
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Main stage design mockup
ThoughtWorks Event Theme
Deconstruction of theme: ‘Scale the Art of Heavy Lifting’
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Identity concept and evolution of form
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The form symbolises the state of equilibrium where a triangle has lifted a heavier element. The levitating shape is like the sun with corners pointing in all directions—this represents the strength to master scale.

The combined form is like a tree which is an epitome of growth, immense strength and sharing without any discrimination. The blue and green colours not only resemble the beautiful landscapes of Kerala – the event destination but also symbolise trust and progress.

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Cue cards
ThoughtWorks Event Entry Mockup 2
Entry arch and welcome performance
ThoughtWorks Event Entry Mockup 1
Entry arch design exploration 1
ThoughtWorks Event Entry Mockup 2
Entry arch design exploration 2
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Event lanyards
ThoughtWorks Art Gallery
ThoughtWorks Booths
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ThoughtWorks cover image

Project Details

Design & Art Direction: Rishabh Pandey, WizCraft

Main Stage Design: Rishabh Pandey, Arijit Debnath, WizCraft

Art Gallery: Sumeet Moghe, Rishabh Pandey

Photography: WizCraft, Rishabh Pandey

Project Managers: Ankur Dang, Kriti Mehta

3D Visualizations of Stage & Arch: WizCraft

Event Management: WizCraft

Project Year: 2019