Design and Degree Show

Branding and identity design for a three-day design conference organised by IDC, IIT Bombay.

Identity Design, Art Direction, Publication Design

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IDC, IIT Bombay organises the Design & Degree Show, a three-day design conference. It is the yearly design display of IDC's graduating batch of Masters of Design programme. DDS is also a platform that brings renowned design practitioners and thinkers together through seminars and discussions on design, technology, society, art, and sustainability.

DDS booklet

The philosophy for the visuals is derived on the cymatics technique. When a certain sound frequency travels through a particle/liquid, it creates nodal patterns on the medium. The frequency of the wave and the medium through which it flows determine its shape. The identity and branding are a recognition of the continual tug of war between form control and formlessness.

DDS pattern designs
DDS booklet
DDS booklet
DDS booklet
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Project Details

Identity Design & Art Direction: Sachit Shyam, Rishabh Pandey

Publication Design: Rishabh Pandey, Ashish K. Thakur

Motion Design: Ashish K. Thakur, Rishabh Pandey

Portrait Photography: Adersh Sreedharan

Project Year: 2017